Hodell Window Covering, Inc. has a long history of working with commercial projects.  Whether your requirements are for new construction of lodging or office spaces or refurbishing existing facilities, Hodell Window Covering, Inc. is a partner that can be depended upon to work with you to deliver and install the products in a timely and cost effective manner. 

Hodell Window Covering, Inc. assigns a coordinator to every project to work with you at every stage of the project.  That coordinator will review your blueprints and/or specifications and work with your designer to provide estimates that are fair and competitive. As framing is completed, Hodell Window Covering, Inc. will be on-site to take measurements for those products that are mounted outside the windows so workroom activities can commence at the earliest opportunity to mitigate schedule risk.  For those products that are mounted inside the window frame and require as-built measurements, Hodell Window Covering, Inc. will respond to take those measurements as soon as the construction progresses enough to complete measurements and get products manufactured.

Hodell Window Covering, Inc. will work with your project manager to install window coverings at the earliest opportunity to maintain your schedule.

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