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Hodell partnered with Hensel Phelps and the City of Austin to provide MechoSystem’s SolarTrac automated system which powers their motorized roller shades throughout the building to operate in tandem with the movement of the sun, factoring in light as it is reflected off of neighboring buildings.

Seidel Construction contracted with Hodell to furnish Hunter Douglas mini-blinds and MechoSystems roller shades throughout their new two-story Administration Building.

Hodell recently completed the installation of the newly opened Embassy Suites at Brooks City Base.  The project scope was draperies, custom cushions and roller shades, including an automated system that covers the large window that illuminates the Living Wall in their lobby.

"Hodell is Here" to partner with you on every project that involves window treatments, curtains, bedding and more.  We pursue this presence in order to leverage resources for projects and people seeking to redeem the world, both locally and globally.

These values are the backbone of our company culture and how we aspire to do business every day:


To be a positive, transformative presence.


To bring light into darkness.


To provide the best solution for every window treatment needed.
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